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Sign up with us and have your school listed on our website for free. Interested in more? Great! Driving School Club provides a service that driving schools have needed for the longest time ever.

Free Plan

  • Map of school
  • School's phone listed
  • 5 views per month

Basic Plan

  • Map of school
  • School's phone listed
  • Unlimited views
  • Website listed
  • Email communications
  • QR-code
  • Student Recommendations

Premium Plan

  • Map of school
  • School's phone listed
  • Unlimited views
  • Website listed
  • Email communications
  • QR-code
  • Student Recommendations
  • Featured school
  • Administrator
  • 1 user license
  • Company subdomain
Get a website.

Professional Plan

  • Map of school
  • School's phone listed
  • Unlimited views
  • Website listed
  • Email communications
  • QR-code
  • Student Recommendations
  • Featured school
  • Administrator
  • 3 user licenses
  • Teacher pages
  • Integrated online payments
  • Integrated online scheduling
  • Company subdomain

Extreme Plan

  • 10 user licenses
  • Framed solution available
  • Call us for more details:
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Here are some of the services that we provide:

  • Sample of a map for driving schools. Map of school - advertise the location of your school with a google map option on your profile page. Attractive and creative way to get more students knocking on your door. Sample map is demonstrated on the right.
  • School's phone listed - that's an obvious item - advertise the number for your school along with the address.
  • Views - free plan listings are limited to 5 views per month. What that means is that once five unique visitors click to view free profile of a driving school within one calendar month, the link will be temporarily disabled until the next month. All paid plans come with unlimited views.
  • Website listed - we will put a link to your website, so that our clients / your future students can view your website and find out more about what your school has to offer.
  • Email communications - we will provide you with a contact form on your profile page, which client can fill out to communicate with you directly via email. This is a useful tools for all those who prefer email communications over receiving a phone call in the middle of the night.
  • QR-code - you might have seen those around - these are bar-codes for websites. Most smart-phone devices have an option to decode this and store the link to your website within the device. Might come useful when dealing with new-age clients.
  • Student Recommendations - by default our clients are opted in to receive school recommendations. If you are a paying customer, you will have privilege over the free plan holders to be listed as a suggested school for clients in your neighborhood. Just one of many ways to expand your clientele.
  • Featured school - you will become a featured client on our website with your own profile, which clients can use to purchase lessons and packages, and more
  • Administrator - all the tools you need to manage your school, from adding new students, to processing the student through lessons to emailing newsletters to your students
  • User licenses - you can also consider these as "teacher profiles" - are you a school with many teachers? Do you like our platform? Then you may consider the "Extreme Plan" for your driving school. Otherwise, each plan, "Premium" or higher, could be upgraded to hold more licenses as well. Each additional license costs $7 / Month.
  • Teacher pages - each user license, explained above, comes with an option to create a teacher profile. Display profiles of your agents, so that the students can get to know them better before they make a choice.
  • Integrated online payments - to start off we will introduce Google Checkout or PayPal - as preferred per client. Later on, we are planning to add our own merchant account to handle any of the transactions between you and your students.
  • Integrated online scheduling - allows your customers to pick a date that is readily available in your calendar, you will receive an email, and your calendar will be updated
  • Company subdomain - get your own company subdomain with Make it easier for your customers to remember your school's profile on our website. Example:
  • Framed solution - all profiles that you see here on Driving School Club can easily be integrated with your own website, add it as a frame and drive more traffic to your own website.
  • Need more? All you need to do is ask. We are here to serve you. If you are looking for a feature that we are not offering and would definitely simplify your tasks, just ask for it, and we will build it for you!