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Driving School Club is here for you not only to help you find the school, but to make sure that you pass the test and that you become a safe confident driver.  If you find yourself in need of assistance, you can try browsing our set of frequently asked questions.  Our terminology page also conveys multitude of different terms to familiarize you with what you are about to learn.  Last but not least, we offer an option for you to take an online quiz that is made up of actual questions used on the exam in the past and present. 


For better experience we suggest that you register for a free account, this way you will be able to make your experience on our website a little more convenient.  You will be able to register with the school of your choice, pay for classes online, leave feedback for your school, and save your quiz results, so that you can come back to the questions you were unable to answer.  That and more is offered to you for free.