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Whether you are a student looking for a driving school, or a driving school that wants to advertise its business on the internet, we have a free registration option for you. Please select the option below and follow on through with the registration process.

Sign up with us and have your school listed on our website for free. Interested in more? Great! Driving School Club provides a service that driving schools have needed for the longest time ever. Our administrative system is advancing each day making every task associated with driving school a breeze. What you get for free is your own page with the Google Map to your school and a phone number so that the students may contact you. If you decide to go with a package option, you will flooded with options and ways to grow and manage your driving school business.   Looking for School / Teacher registration? Click here to join hundreds of others schools already listed on our website. Already registered? Click here to log in. Enjoy many of the free perks that Driving School Club has to offer. Along with direct communication and purchases from registered driving schools, you have an option to take practice exams, leave feedback, get reminders for your appointments and much, much more. Registration is quick and easy. Just enter your information below and you will be one step closer to getting your driver's license.